Latvian Russian 6,00 Eur
Russian Latvian
English Latvian, Russian 8,30 Eur
German Latvian, Russian
Estonian, Lithuanian, Ukranian, Polish Latvian, Russian 12,00 Eur
French, болгарский, Spanish, Italian Latvian, Russian 14,20 Eur
Swedish, Dutch, Norwegian, Finnish, Portuguese, Slovian, Czech Latvian, Russian 16,60 Eur
Other languages Latvian, Russian from 19,30 Eur

Price without VAT. 1 page= 250 words.

Latvian Russian 28,60 Eur/h.
Russian Latvian
English, German Latvian, Russian
Latvian, Russian English, German
Other languages 35,80 Eur/h.
Simultaneous interpretation 35,80 Eur/h.
Notarization of the translation by a Sworn translator 14,30 Eur
Affirmation of the translation by a Sworn translator 7,20 Eur

Certified translators will provide you with professional written translation service, verbal consecutive or simultaneous interpretation services. We offer translation services from/to more than thirty world languages. We guarantee language services that are timely and of a high quality, regardless of your field of activity and technical complexity of the translation.