Certified translators will provide you with professional written translation service, verbal consecutive or simultaneous interpretation services. We offer translation services from/to more than thirty world languages. We guarantee language services that are timely and of a high quality, regardless of your field of activity and technical complexity of the translation.


Notary translations and translation of documents with the certification of a sworn translator. Notarized translation is carried out exclusively by the certified translators and is prepared in two stages: the first stage - translation and edition of the document, the second - notarization of the document. If necessary, a notarization procedure can be performed for an already translated document, but only after the document is second-checked by translators of the Translation Factory №1.



The stamp "Apostille" is an internationally standardized certificate, which must be accepted without an additional legalization of the document at any state level in the countries-participants of the Hague Convention. The "apostilization" procedure is used to send documents to countries that joined the Hague Convention by October 5, 1961, and cancels the requirement of consular legalization of documents.

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Translation Factory №1has been successfully operating on the international market for more than 17 years. We provide a wide range of professional translation services and notarization of the documents. Our translation agency has an excellent reputation among our many private and corporate clients. The main advantage of the company is our corporate philosophy – we always highlight responsibility, timeliness, accuracy and quality of our services, as well as professional ethics and an individual approach to each and every client as our first priority.

Our team

Our team consists of both professional licensed translators with many years of experience, and of young professionals with extensive knowledge in modern linguistic trends and information technologies.

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Many years of successful operation has won our translation office an excellent reputation among private and corporate clients.

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