Latvian Russian 6,00 Eur
Russian Latvian
English Latvian, Russian 8,30 Eur
German Latvian, Russian
Estonian, Lithuanian, Ukranian, Polish Latvian, Russian 12,00 Eur
French, болгарский, Spanish, Italian Latvian, Russian 14,20 Eur
Swedish, Dutch, Norwegian, Finnish, Portuguese, Slovian, Czech Latvian, Russian 16,60 Eur
Other languages Latvian, Russian from 19,30 Eur

Цена без PVN. 1 страница = 250 слов.

Latvian Russian 28,60 Eur/h.
Russian Latvian
English, German Latvian, Russian
Latvian, Russian English, German
Other languages 35,80 Eur/h.
Simultaneous interpretation 35,80 Eur/h.
Notarization of the translation by a Sworn translator 14,30 Eur
Affirmation of the translation by a Sworn translator 7,20 Eur

The stamp “Apostille” is an internationally standardized certificate, which must be accepted without an additional legalization of the document at any state level in the countries-participants of the Hague Convention. The “apostilization” procedure is used to send documents to countries that joined the Hague Convention by October 5, 1961, and cancels the requirement of consular legalization of documents.